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Our products are independent, third party verification for 100% legally harvesting of timber.


About the Lacey Act

What is The Lacey Act?
On May 22, 2008, the U.S. Congress passed a law banning commerce in illegally sourced plants and their products— including wood products. The new law is an amendment to a 100-year-old statute, named the Lacey Act after the Congressman who first championed it.

What does it do?

To address illegal logging and other illegal plant trade, the Lacey Act now does three main things:

  • prohibits all trade in plant and plant products (e.g., furniture, paper, or lumber) that are illegally sourced from any U.S. state or any foreign country
  • requires importers to declare the country of origin of harvest and species name of all plants contained in their products.
  • Anyone in the supply chain from the harvestor, manufacturer, distributor, retailer, contractor to end customer could be prosecuted.The penalties for noncompliance with this new legislation are severe. Penalties can include the forfeiture of the illegally harvested material, fines of up to $500,000, and jail time of up to five years.

Why is this important?
First, and most importantly, it protects our world's forests from irrecoverable loss of trees and wildlife habitat. Second, it protects lumber buyers who verify the origin of lumber when importing wood into the United States from other countries. Third, it eliminates the influx into the US of low-cost, low-quality wood flooring produced from illegally harvested forests.

Making confidence, responsible purchases
From a buyers perspective, the ban helps you have confidence that the wood you are offering is not depleting our world's forests.

3rd party certified Lacey Act compliance

PanTim uses third party certification as a means of varifying that our products are legal.

plywood Certificate of Registration
plywood PEFC Chain of Custody Certification
plywood Certificate of Origin


Links to more information about the Lacey Act
plywood Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Washington, DC
plywood USDA web info about the Lacey Act
plywood National Wood Flooring Association


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