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Lime washed french oak. A timeless look is rediscovered.

Lime washing brings a fashionable yet traditional look to any space.

We use hydrated lime or "slacked Lime" in the white wash process. This produces a range of stunning effects and colors entirely naturally. No stains are used at all.

The process works especially well with oak and even better with french oak. The result is a new floor that instantly looks as if it has faded and mellowed naturally over years. To complete the look the surface is protected with a durable matt finish that allows the woods beauty to penetrate.

Lime is a natural product created from limestone or chalk. Lime washed wood floors have recently been rediscovered by designers and homeowners. In fact this process has been used for its ability to add strength and enhance color for centuries. It use has been found at Aztec and Egyptian sites dating back to 3000 BC.

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